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    Van 24 t/m 28 april 2017 vindt de Hannover Messe plaats. Voor de vierde keer zullen de organisaties, Nevat, Koninklijke Metaalunie, Holland Innovative, Brainport Industries en Mikrocentrum de handen ineen slaan om Hal 4 oranje te kleuren.

Hannover Messe
Dutch Industrial Supply Pavilion

24 t/m 28 april 2017  
Deutsche Messe, Hannover
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“The smartest square kilometre in Europe”

Many start-ups face exactly the same challenges: how do you enter the market successfully, and how do you stay there? HighTechXL in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has made it its business to support the founders of hardware start-ups from the concept stage and prototype stage right through to the scaling-up of operations. “We put founders in touch with an outstanding community of entrepreneurs, companies and investors so that they can quickly find a foothold in the market”, says Founder and CEO Guus Frericks. HighTechXL will be exhibiting at the Dutch Pavilion at Hannover Messe and demonstrating how other start-ups can be set up more quickly and successfully.

“HighTechXL is the best place in Europe for high-tech companies to get off the ground quickly”, says a confident Frericks. It’s a place where start-ups and scale-ups can draw on a global network of experts and investors. In addition to the Accelerator elite programme for start-ups, the collective innovation programme and the support programme for scale-ups, numerous hardware innovation-related events and workshops are organised throughout the entire year. Regardless of what challenges founders face, they are guaranteed support from experts.

Support from A to Z
The entire HighTechXL complex consists of several areas, including the HighTechXL Plaza, which provides start-ups with top-notch office and co-working space. “As we are based at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the HighTechXL Plaza provides immediate access to a unique talent pool and 130 top companies. The location is also often referred to as the smartest square kilometre in Europe”, Frericks laughs. The start-ups are also given practical advice on early stage and growth stage financing options, since raising capital is one of the five most common challenges that company founders struggle with. Investment Managers from BOM (the Brabant Development Agency) and many other investors worldwide are responsible for this area.

With the help of renowned locally based companies such as Philips, ASML, EY, ABN Amro and NTS Group, HighTechXL supports fledgling high-tech companies at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven helping to turn them into global players. To date, at least 100 teams have received support from HighTechXL, including start-ups from the world of medical engineering, sports technology and FinTech, but also teams of larger companies, which have internally developed and launched an innovative business idea. “This has created a special ecosystem in which groups with innovative inventions are given a huge amount of support to gain their companies a foothold in the market”, says a happy Frericks.

Message for Hannover Messe
HighTechXL was the brainchild of Guus Frericks and his co-founders, the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and the consultancy firm EY. Frericks is extremely passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship - and has 20 years’ experience in international business management and investment. Frericks hopes to inspire Hannover Messe attendees with his message that Eindhoven is the best place in the world for entrepreneurs to ensure faster growth for their high-tech companies at every stage. He invites anyone with a keen interest to come and meet the people behind this special location and to find out what HighTechXL could mean for them personally.

Contact details
High Tech Campus 1, The Strip
NL-5656 AE Eindhoven
Contact person: Noor Sadiq
Tel.: +31 6 28163943

Hall 4, Niederländische Gemeinschaftstand

Picture 1: Guus Frericks