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    Van 24 t/m 28 april 2017 vindt de Hannover Messe plaats. Voor de vierde keer zullen de organisaties, Nevat, Koninklijke Metaalunie, Holland Innovative, Brainport Industries en Mikrocentrum de handen ineen slaan om Hal 4 oranje te kleuren.

Hannover Messe
Dutch Industrial Supply Pavilion

24 t/m 28 april 2017  
Deutsche Messe, Hannover
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High-tech from the campus for clinics

The Dutch region of Twente, which lies right on the border with Germany, offers the best conditions for fostering creative minds. Some experts even go so far as to call it the “European Silicon Valley”, mainly thanks to the University of Twente, which has become world-renowned for being a breeding ground for technological innovation. One of its specialities is transforming ideas and new scientific findings into marketable products and services. The vibrant start-up scene with more than 800 companies in the neighbouring “Kennispark” is testament to the success achieved in this area. It is precisely the right environment for Holland Innovative consultants to support innovative companies of all sizes. The company’s office on the Enschede campus was inaugurated on 12 January 2017.

Lisette van Steinvoren-Stamsnijder, a Project Manager on site at Holland Innovative, is happy about being right in the thick of it all in the new office: “There is tremendous dynamism here, especially in the areas of high-tech and medical engineering. The infrastructure is outstanding. The MESA+NanoLab and the Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM) are just two examples of this.” Another example is the Fraunhofer Project Center for Design and Production Engineering for Complex High-Tech Systems (FPC@UT), which also began operations in January. It should pool new cross-border skills from research and industry in order to speed up developments towards “Industry 4.0”.

Holland Innovative also relies on the expansion of transnational cooperation: “Our aim is to provide even better support to companies from Enschede in the development of reliable new products with immediate effect – together with our colleagues from Germany Innovative in Germany of course”, emphasises van Steinvoren-Stamsnijder. Joint projects will also be carried out with Holland Innovative at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Wide variety of topics
Holland Innovative is currently playing an active role in numerous projects, which are being spearheaded in Enschede. The topics range from mini laboratories and tiny chips to microfluids, tailor-made energy solutions and the improvement of sensors for use in automobiles. The latter is one of the current key activities. Holland Innovative is supporting the product engineers of a famous sensor manufacturer with project and quality management, more specifically they are optimising the processes together using Design for Six Sigma (DfSS).

Spotlight on the healthcare industry
Extreme care and attention is required in particular with regard to the development and market launch of medical products as they have a direct effect on human beings and their bodies. Their deployment is highly sensitive in many fields of application. Holland Innovative has amassed a wealth of useful experience over the years in this area. Van Steinvoren-Stamsnijder is well aware of the responsibility involved: “We are familiar with all the specific ins and outs of the medical engineering market. Our project management work always complies with the regulatory framework and is ISO 13485 certified. Our risk management processes are aligned with ISO 14971 and FMEA.” Holland Innovative is also aware of the requirements of patients and doctors and incorporates this knowledge and other know-how into its customers’ product development.

“Open Innovation”
Holland Innovative is also a University of Twente TechMed Testing Ground partner. Under this programme, medical engineering technology and products are tested in a simulated hospital environment – as such, usable data and experiences can be gathered before clinical trials are conducted. The aim of this is to significantly speed up product development. Primarily products from the fields of radiology, imaging techniques, orthopaedics, care and inclusion, nanotechnology and “lab-on-a-chip” are tested. The project is based on the fundamental idea of open innovation, and so accordingly a wide variety of innovation drivers and incubators come together in order to provide each other with mutual support and to benefit from each other.


Contact details
Holland Innovative Twente
Hengelosestraat 500
Building The Gallery
7521 AN Enschede
Contact person: Ivo Aarninkhof or Lisette van Steinvoren-Stamsnijder
Tel.: +31 40 8514 610
Website: and

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Project Machnet

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Opening Ivo Aarninkhof







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